In 1885 Anna von Martial, who was a seamstress for Carl Benz in Mannheim created her first tailor shop, serving the German and Austrian novelty. More than a century later, Christina, her granddaughter chose to follow the excellence inherited from her great-grandmother.
The Chris von Martial showroom offers a customized service dedicated to the tailoring of jackets, suits, tuxedos, shirts and accessories for men, entirely made from a selection of 100% natural luxury cloths, all developed by our house.


Because we attach great importance to the quality of our confections, development and manufacture of each piece requires a delivery time of four weeks. We invite you to make an appointment in advance at our showroom.

Once the measurement profile is satisfactory for the customer, it is archived to enable quick and easy remote new orders. Note that the made-to-measure also allows the client to imagine concretely the rendering of his garment upon the first visit.


Our custom-made suits are made individually in our tailor workshop.
Suits, jackets and pants reflect a tradition of expertise and extensive experience in the art of tailoring. Our experts master the traditional and semi-traditional production. We manufacture our suits with rigor and care; from pattern design to sewing and stitching the seams.


Christina reinterprets the universe and methods of traditional tailors and adapts to new expectations and rhythms of our time by choosing to manufacture made-to-measure. Despite several new measuring techniques that appear on the market, she opted for a traditional process, with proven reliability ; since the starting point is an existing style.

Indeed, our made-to-measure technique involves taking your measurements and trying on a standard size, which is corrected on all measurement points that do not suit you (sleeve length, arched back, sloping shoulders, jacket length, belly too round, etc ...) allowing you to determine the perfect fit.

All styles are available in three adustments, depending on the comfort sought by every customer: Slim Fit, Regular or Loose. Accompanied by Christina, our creative ambassador, you will make several fittings until obtaining the fit that suits you best.


Whether it's a Neapolitan shoulder on our Mastroiani suit, the inimitable line of our Dandy cut or the refined lapel of our Kaneshiro jacket, our collection is the result of a rich and ancient know-how.